Compensation boost for July 7 victims

Victims and their families are to receive more compensation for the July 7th bomb attacks in London, following criticism over the money being offered.

The government has set aside an extra £2.5 million, which could result in the doubling of some individual payouts, reports suggest.

The bomb attacks on three London Underground trains and a bus last summer killed 52 people and injured hundreds.

They sparked a rethink over the criminal compensation system, which was introduced in 1996 and updated in 2001.

The maximum amount of money given to any one seriously injured person is limited to £500,000, while bereaved families can be awarded £11,000.

One victim, Martine Wright, 33, who lost both her legs in the attacks, was given £110,000 and has said it did not even cover her expenses. She has urged the Home Office to scrap the individual payout limit.

Proposed changes to the compensation scheme include the scrapping of payments to those who suffered minor injuries, and a focus on larger payments to the seriously injured.

The Home Office will announce details of how the extra compensation will be awarded next week.