Pick of the week: Credit to Corbyn

A chance for you to catch up on our top stories of the week.

Five: Don't laugh too hard at Simon Danczuk – his treatment of women isn't funny

In fifth place this week is a piece which looked at the reaction to the Simon Danczuk scandal. It suggested that, for some, an opportunity to laugh at a politician they don't like is more important than addressing how men treat women and the power dynamic that exists between the two.

Four:  Corbyn's honourable record on Saudi Arabia puts Cameron to shame

Next we have an article which looked at the reaction to the Saudi executions of 47 people. It compared the response from the government to that of Jeremy Corbyn and suggested that on this issue David Cameron's response was both morally wrong and strategically dangerous.

Three: Sadiq Khan on course for landslide victory over Zac Goldsmith

In third place is a report on a new poll which showed that the Labour candidate for mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was on course for a landslide win over his Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith. But some in Labour are concerned that Khan might not have it in the bag quite yet.

Two: The promises Boris Johnson has broken as mayor

Also on the subject of the London mayor, this next piece examined Boris Johnson's two terms in City Hall. We managed to fish out his previous manifesto commitments, so we could compare his promises to what he actually did.

One: Away from the reshuffle, Corbyn quietly dismantles Cameron at PMQs

With all the furore over his cabinet reshuffle, Wednesday's PMQs was set to be tough going for Jeremy Corbyn. But our most-read article this week found that the Labour leader managed to pull off one of his best performances yet at his head-to-head meeting with David Cameron.