Top ten political gaffes of 2013: 4 – David ‘Pass’ Cameron

Like Cameron's 'mission accomplished' gaffe (which didn't make the top ten, alas) when in Afghanistan, this one is another example of the prime ministerial grey matter not functioning properly while on an overseas trip.

Dave was in food giant Unilever's HQ in India when an employee asked him the awkward question: "What brand of Unilever is very close to you, and why?"

This was tricky because, as was almost instantaneously obvious, the PM couldn't remember a single one of Unilever's brands.

"Right, um, well we have very similar brands in the UK," he began. This wasn't looking good.

Cif! The audience were silently screaming at him. Ben and Jerry's! Radox! Hellman's! Domestos!

To be fair, Cameron probably has more important things to cram into his mind than this.

But it was embarrassing nonetheless. For a man who, while abroad, is unashamedly a 'salesman' for Britain, he wasn't doing a very good job.

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