The worst MPs on Twitter: Ten – Meg Munn

Ten: Meg Munn



Entertaining 4
Informative 5
Engaging with constituents 4
Regularity 2

There is a decent Twitter feed waiting to break out of Munn's efforts. That makes it particularly frustrating. The Labour MP is passionate about gender issues, especially the obstacles to women finding work in engineering, and some of her links are worth reading. But these flashes of personality and mission are lost in the hands of someone who fundamentally doesn't understand the medium. "Tennis is a great game for everyone not just Andy Murray. Lots of places to play around the country," she writes. It's such a ludicrously banal sentence it's a wonder she managed to fully type it out before falling into a coma. "Positive meeting with Department for Transport on M1 proposals – minister agrees that scheme must be safe," she tweets. Why do sentences like this exist? In which parallel reality would ministers insist roads should not be safe? They are the product of an MP who wants to be seen to be doing something but is unprepared to reveal what it is. This wariness of Twitter leads to the sort of tame, meaningless message Munn emits. It's a waste.

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