CBI: Coalition’s work programme is an improvement

CBI chief policy director Katja Hall comments on the National Audit Office's report revealing the government overegged the impact of its work programme:

"The NAO is right to acknowledge that it is too early to judge how the work programme is performing, this will only be apparent when data on provider performance is published later this year.

"However, while the Department of Work and Pension’s scale of ambition and desire to get things moving should be applauded, we agree that the pace at which the programme was rolled out posed a number of challenges to both providers and the government.

"The CBI believes the work programme is a significant step forward from previous welfare-to-work schemes, with the potential to deliver both quality outcomes and value for money for jobseekers, employers and taxpayers alike.

"In the current economic climate, what’s important is that businesses, government departments, local government and other stakeholders work with work programme providers to ensure that the scheme is successful at getting more people into jobs."