The Political Week on Twitter

All the week's best political tweets in one handy location.

By Ian Dunt

Piers Morgan's appearance before the Leveson inquiry prompted the usual outpouring of warmth which commonly attends the former Mirror editor.

@OctoberJones – Heather Mills Vs Piers Morgan is basically Alien Vs Predator with less likeable characters.

@DMReporter – 'It's very unlikely that Piers Morgan didn't know he was utterly obnoxious' says ex-Mirror journalist.

@charltonbrooker – Former Mirror journo says phone hacking was "bog-standard journalistic tool".. So was Piers Morgan!!!1! LOL etc

@Tony_McNulty: Piers Morgan – most impressive testimony since Ronald Reagan and Iran-Contra hearings.

@bellamackie – Its a magical time of year this. When all of twitter takes time to reflect. On how much they hate Piers Morgan

@MatthewWells – CNN should replay today's hacking inquiry in place of Piers MorganTonight. Would do wonders for ratings.

@stebax – I shall miss Piers Morgan's appearance at Leveson today. As I miss everything he ever appears on.

Controversy raged this week on whether Margaret Thatcher should be given a state funeral, after an article from Telegraph admirer Peter Oborne insisted it was inappropriate.

@LouiseMensch – It is complete idiocy to say that Lady Thatcher should not get a state funeral. She was the first woman to be Prime Minister.

@DavidJonesMP – Whilst planning is of course necessary, I'm sure I'm not alone in finding public talk of Lady Thatcher's funeral arrangements distasteful.

@bc_tmh – E-petitions are pointless – except for this one. Sign & pass it on.Thatcher state funeral to be privatised

@Jo_dB – All I Want For Christmas is everyone to shut up about Thatcher.

@SteveAkehurst – Respect to Peter Oborne for arguing against his fellow Conservatives re: Thatcher state funeral. Shows why he's such a good writer.

Meanwhile, Tory MP Aidan Burley had a bad week, losing his job as a parliamentary private secretary and facing criminal investigation in France for attending a party where people dressed as Nazi officers.

@DPJHodges – Aidan Burley shouldn't worry. A right wing British Tory MP in front of a French judge and jury. What could possibly go wrong?

@SkySaraMojtehed – Strong words from George Adamson, leader of Cannock Chase Council, on his MP Aidan Burley's actions: "we are all ashamed and disgusted"

@IanAustinMP – Surely Cameron must take the whip off Burley now that the French are investigating

@eyespymp – Aidan Burley seen marching through parliament in his jeans. Obviously not going to the chamber. Looked führer-ious

@CllrMarkBennett – It's striking that Tory MP Aidan Burley was 'removed' as PPS rather than being given chance to resign after 'offensive & foolish' behaviour.