LGA: Council housing’s future is still in doubt

Cllr David Parsons, head of the Local Government Association's environment and housing board, comments on the government's housing strategy announced today:

"The opportunity for councils to run their own housing stock independently is good news for tenants and local taxpayers.

"Councils are trusted by local people to ensure that housing meets the needs which they highlighted in their local plans.

"Councils make a real difference to those needing social housing and help avoid the costs to society caused by insufficient and poor quality housing.

"It is also positive that all developments will now be subject to guarantees that they must bring social, economic and environmental benefits to the local area.

"However, it remains vital that transitional arrangements are put in place before the new system starts.

"As the most efficient part of the public sector, councils are able to effectively manage their housing stock, ensuring that the books are balanced, benefiting the local taxpayer.

"Councils are also able to provide excellent value for money by building new homes, and do so at around £10,000 per home less than housing associations."