The political week on Twitter

By Phil Scullion

The week's best political tweets in one handy location.

The Labour party conference in Liverpool was a focus of attention on Twitter throughout the week:

@fatcouncillor – Dear Yvette Cooper: You married Ed Balls. Don't expect us to trust your judgement… #Lab11

@spitzenprodukte – Well at least we'll solve the energy crisis- wire up a turbine to Nye Bevan and power the country from him spinning in his grave #lab11

@Ken_Day – Go back to your constituencies and prepare to elect a new leader #Lab11

@santaevita – There was one stall at #lab11 which was giving away 3D glasses and condoms. That was epic.

Ivan Lewis set Twitter off with his comments that journalists should be struck off if they are found guilty of "gross malpractice":

@IvanLewis_MP – Journalism is a highly respected profession.Why shouldn't journos found to have commissioned or engaged in phone hacking be struck off.

@DaveMorgan25 – Not sure why @IvanLewis_MP doesn't just set up a Ministry of Information so he can control what Journalists say #LabourFail #Lab11

@corrisinternet – Are we in any way surprised …. @IvanLewis_MP wants to introduce Mussolini's 1925 Press Law into UK … tells you everything really

@newsbrooke – Thanks @IvanLewis_MP for providing more evidence about the utter cluelessness of politicians when it comes to the digital age.

@DiscoDavid – Should MPs be 'struck off' for coming up with stupid policies or is being roundly mocked by Twitter punishment enough? @IvanLewis_MP

@helenlewis – I have to say, I am full of admiration for @IvanLewis_MP managing to say "journalism is a highly respected profession" with a straight face.

@philiprobinsonn – Don't worry @IvanLewis_MP if #Labour don't fancy your plans to licence Journalists, you can always try the Khmer Rouge #ivan lewis

@citizenandreas – So journalist's have completely misreported what @IvanLewis_MP actually said about journalists. Fine example of the need press regulation.

@LouiseMensch – Has Ivan Lewis MP gone insane? A state registry for journalists? Baby/bathwater

Labour leader Ed Miliband's speech drew considerable interest, not least because the live feeds broke halfway through:

@nickpickles – Ed Miliband – so boring he literally broke the cameras. #lab11

@waswasere – Ed Miliband announces that news of Millie Dowler's phone being hacked almost made him choke on Rupert Murdoch's canapés.

@Number10cat – Ed Miliband: "The system has failed" – presumably the system used to elect the leader of the Labour Party?

@JasonJHunter – BREAKING: Ed Miliband says neutrinos going "too far too fast"

Ed Miliband also organised another #askEdM session where he answered the serious and not so serious questions of Twitter users:

@Tim_Aker – #askEdM Did Ivan Lewis approve your speech before you gave it?

@Hoga4 – @Ed_Miliband I missed your speech – could you do it again, please. #AskEdM

@leetknight – #askEdm do you regret providing a hashtag for the world to criticise you in one high profile place?

@Welshtoy – #askedm Do you have another job lined up for when your brother gets given yours?

@robinbogg – Have you changed your mind about your favourite crisp flavour? #askEdM

BBC Question Time attracted the usual amount of politician directed scorn:

@HeardinLondon – Peter. Oborne. Your. Intonation. Does not. Make. Your words. True. #BBCQT #Idiot *stomps off*

@davesimps0n – Had this weird dream that Peter Oborne praised Ed Miliband for one of best political speeches in years. So vivid could have been real #bbcqt

@RopesToInfinity – So anyway, has anyone seen Peter Oborne since he told Liverpool how compassionate Thatcher was on #bbcqt last night?

@PoliticsSubtext – Peter Oborne: How can on one hand make the audience love me while on the other slap them in the face?? Ahh, the EU & Thatcher, perf #bbcqt

@DawnHFoster – "Hello, I don't understand economics, but I am very arrogant and I've been given a #bbcqt microphone, blah blah blah"

@JosephStash – So…who actually has a clear idea of how Europe works and what the best decision is? Anyone? Anyone at all? Right then. #bbcqt

@jamesrbuk – Lucky America didn't take a view like the #bbcqt panel when considering the Marshall plan, isn't it?

@PaulSaxton – Question Time tonight is doing an excellent job of reminding me why I stopped watching Question Time. #bbcqt

Teenager Rory Weal wowed the Labour party conference with his speech, but was then faced the ire of the right wing press over his upbringing:

@bellamackie – So daily mail goes after 16 yr old Rory Weal as it's web splash. After just last week being outraged by teen bullying.

@andygmckay – Rory Weal never claimed to have a hard upbringing. Just that he fell on hard times, which is true. #bbctw

@rosshleach – The Rory Weal farce sums up Labour 2011. Muddled, misleading, oblique, and with an eagerness to blame everyone except those closest to them

@TheWeeYin96 – TBH, it doesn't matter if Rory Weal is from a well off background, his opinion is still valid.

@barebackreader – Lots of ugly silliness about Rory Weal, poor kid. Don't care for his politics but his circs illustrate safety net aspect of welfare state.

@FlipChartRick – If Rory Weal wants to be a politician he's getting a good first lesson. As soon as you stick your head above the trench, people shoot at it.

News emerged that communities secretary Eric Pickles plans to bring back weekly bin collections:

@Marmitina – Don't worry if you've lost your job or can't afford petrol or rent, at least you'll have an empty bin #allbinthistogether

@k_b_ellingsen – Cuts to the Police, the NHS and Education but at least we're all gonna get our bins emptied once a week #allbinthistogether

@MTRiddler – Screw solving the recession it's much too difficult, let's just pander to Daily Mail readers and Jeremy Clarkson instead.#allbinthistogether

@_blue_smoke_ – Shropshire council staff fired & rehired with 5.4% pay cut. In other news £250m extra for bins! #allbinthistogether

@Harryb22 – You just KNOW the fragrant Mrs Pickles has nagged Eric about bins, don't you?

The Conservatives also hit the headlines with transport secretary Philip Hammond's announcement of a consultation over an increase in the speed limit on motorways from 70mph to 80mph:

@tom7p – I see the Tories are justifying the 80mph speed limits through the 'benefits to the economy'. Tripe. Top Gear politics.

@markruskell – Let's face it an 80mph speed limit won't get rid of congestion because we'll all be stuck behind extra bin lorries

@L1beralMinded – I can't believe there haven't been more chris huhne jokes regarding raising the speed limit. #80mph where's the friday banter?

@newsviewer – So the Government is thinking of an 80mph speed limit on motorways. That means a lot of drivers who pass me will have to slow down!

@Sleeteye – If the speed limit is increased to 80mph, and the added 10% leeway, we'll be allowed 88mph. I foresee time travel related issues with this.