A chance to catch up on our five most-read items of the week.

Five: Trump is beyond politics – this is now a fight for human decency

In fifth place this week is a personal response to the news that Donald Trump had been elected US president.

Four: Donald Trump's victory must be a wake up call for the left

In fourth place is another response to the US elections. It examined what the result means for an increasingly defeated global left.

Three: Enemies of the people: The Brexit campaign is now putting lives in danger

Next up is a piece from last week on the threats made against Gina Miller following the High Court's decision on Parliament's role in invoking Article 50.

Two: Trump's win shows how many men hate women

In second place is another piece on the presidential result. It examined the role of misogyny in Trump's victory.

One: May's India trip shows the ultimate failure of the Brexit project

And in the top spot this week is a piece looking at Theresa May's visit to India and what it means for Britain's chances of a smooth Brexit.