A chance for you to catch up on our five most-read articles of the week:

Five: Owen Smith: There are too many immigrants in parts of Britain

In fifth place is a report on comments made by Owen Smith. This piece suggested that his reponse to a question on immigration during an interview on Newsnight last week, showed why he is struggling to win over Corbyn supporters.

Four: How one patch of grass became the UK's first ever decriminalised drugs space

A significant new precedent for UK drugs policy was set recently after a tent run by a drug and alcohol service became the first ever de facto decriminialised space for possession of drugs. Atendees at a festival in Cambridgeshire could go to the tent and be given a pill or small scoop of powder where it would be tested for content, purity and strength by a team of chemists, without any police interference.

Three: Everything you need to know about Theresa May’s Brexit nightmare in five minutes

In third place is an article which has proved incredibly popular and has now made it into out top five most-read list a number of times. It attempted to tell you everything you need to know about Theresa May's Brexit negotiations in just five minutes.

Two: Know your Ukip leadership candidate

It's hard to imagine anyone other than Nigel Farage being in charge of Ukip but a leadership contest is underway and the party will soon have a new face at the helm. But how much do most people know about the candidates in the running to take over. This next piece filled you in on everything you need to know.

One:  No a 'Corbynite takeover' didn't cause Labour's loss in Totnes

Among all the stories about Labour recently was one about claims that Corbyn 'entryists' had cost the party their only place on the council in Totnes. This piece written by a member of the local party, suggested the idea that Corbynites were to blame for the botched by-election was not accurate.