John Nicolson


John Nicolson was elected MP for East Dunbartonshire on May 7th 2015 with 22093 votes, taking 40.3% of the vote.

John joined the SNP when he was 16. Prior to his election, he has worked as a journalist for BBC – he was the studio presenter for the BBC on 11 September 2001 as the Twin Towers collapsed, anchoring live on BBC News 24 and BBC One – and ITV, where he presented Live with John Nicolson.

John studied at the University of Glasgow and graduated in English Literature and Politics. While a student, he was recruited from Harvard by Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (Democrat, New York) to work as a speech writer on Capitol Hill.

Constituency: Dunbartonshire East

Date of Birth: 1961


Party: SNP

Personal Website:

Westminster Address: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Westminster Tel: 020 7219 4134

Twitter: @MrJohnNicolson