‘Ambitious recommendations’ in new deer management report

A new independent report has set out 99 ambitious recommendations that will impact on the way in which wild deer are managed in Scotland.

The independent review was established in October 2017 and was charged with making recommendations that will ensure that deer management is compliant with the public interest and sustainable development objectives. The recommendations include a move towards the use of non-lead ammunition, the immediate introduction of trials with scopes for night shooting, removal of the close season for all male deer in Scotland and the licensing of the shotgun shooting of deer.

Commenting on the report’s contents, BASC Scotland Director, Dr Colin Shedden, said: “This report contains a range of recommendations that, although not all required, will aid the discussion on sustainable deer management and deer welfare whilst taking into consideration the environment and the rural economy.

“The report contains several expected recommendations such as updating the Deer Act and a move away from lead ammunition, but also contains some recommendations that if taken forward would be cause for concern. Most notably the proposal to remove the close season for all male deer in Scotland, which will fail in reducing productivity levels among herds and has the potential to skew management plans.

“As the Scottish Government digest the proposals in this review, BASC will ensure any recommendations taken forward are made in the best interest of the environment, the species and the rural community.”

Notes to Editors:
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