BASC firearms team tops 10,000 enquiries in 2019

BASC’s dedicated firearms team dealt with more than 10,000 member enquiries in 2019.

The biggest problem for BASC members over the last year was the significant number of police forces which have stepped away from Home Office guidance by demanding independent medical verification of certificate applications.

BASC is the only UK shooting organisation with a full-time firearms team, with its staff providing expert help and advice to members on all aspects of firearms ownership including technical, legal, practical and forensic. The team offers confidential advice based on settled law or sustainable legal opinion and can also assist with accessing services available through BASC’s legal expenses insurance.

Bill Harriman, BASC’s director of firearms, said: “The fact that the firearms team dealt with over 10,000 member enquiries in 2019 is not really surprising given the mess caused by the large number of police forces which have stepped away from the Home Office guidance.

“With continuing issues surrounding medical verification and the peak renewal period in the five year cycle starting this year, 2020 is set to be just as busy for the firearms team.”

Mr Harriman added: “The firearms team is a unique selling point of BASC’s. People clearly recognise and value the work of the team.

“Positively, members contacted the team more than 300 times during 2019 to thank them for their help.”

Applicants being let down and delayed by unhelpful GPs during the firearms licensing process can make use of a new, dedicated BASC service to ensure a speedy resolution.

The service, which was launched on Monday (6th January), links applicants with GPs to help secure medical verification. It will assist those applicants who are either unhappy with being charged exorbitant fees by their own GP or those facing delays because their GP is refusing to take part in the process. For more information, visit

The firearms team can be reached on 01244 573010. For more information on its services, visit