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Campaigners set out proposals for a better deal for low-income taxpayers
Academy of Medical Sciences

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Peter Hain joins Gordon Brown in warning against supporting the nationalists
Tensions increase over state of the union

Welsh secretary Peter Hain has added his voice to warnings that the Conservatives’ call for English-votes for English laws risks the “Balkanisation of Britain”. As celebrations begin for the 300th anniversary of the Acts of Union that brought together England and Scotland into the UK, rhetoric for and against separatist elements both north of the… Read more »

Gordon Brown believes the 300-year-old union is under threat
Brown calls for stronger Britain

Gordon Brown has called for supporters of the United Kingdom to “speak up” against growing separatist calls, saying it could be a “beacon for the world”. Writing in this morning’s Telegraph, the chancellor describes a growing threat from secessionists in Scotland, Wales and even England who seek a break-up of the union as it heads… Read more »