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"The event was a roaring success"
10,000 children try taste of venison at educational shows

BASC has introduced venison to more than 10,000 children at food and farming days in Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire over the past month. The BASC Eastern team attended three events where they cooked venison tasters and gave talks about the health benefits of eating this delicious source of protein.

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PM argues Europe crucial to UK success
Brown warns against Europe retreat

Gordon Brown has warned against a withdrawal from Europe as it faces global economic turbulence. In a speech to business leaders this morning, Mr Brown said the UK must remain fully engaged in Europe, arguing that the EU is the key to success of many UK businesses. He said the European single market had provided… Read more »

Britons will not vote on EU constitution
Blair drops referendum on EU constitution

The UK will not hold a referendum on the European Union constitution, the prime minister has confirmed. Instead Tony Blair will finalise a less ambitious treaty among EU leaders, as one of his last acts before he leaves Downing Street. The scaled down rules governing EU operations will not require a public vote, the prime… Read more »