Ulster Unionist party

The Ulster Unionist party (UUP) arguably retains the greatest sense of unionist schisms across the last decade of all of Northern Ireland's parties. Unlike the more successful Democratic Unionist party (DUP), which was only formed in 1971, the UUP and its predecessors can be traced as far back as the days of William Gladstone's home...Read More


The euroesceptic party has a tendency to do far better in local and European elections than it ever does in Westminster. The party briefly had an MP in 2008, when Tory Bob Spink quit the party. He soon clarified he was independent, only backing Ukip on foreign policy issues. Conservative difficulties over the Lisbon treaty...Read More

United Nations

The United Nations (UN) is an international organisation of 193 independent states - nearly every recognised independent state in the world. Read More


Unemployment is an economic indicator that refers to the number or proportion of people in an economy who are willing and able to work, but are unable to get a job; a person in this situation is said to be unemployed. Read More