ADEPT & CIHT Launch Route Safety Behaviour Results

ADEPT & CIHT will release the results of their research into route safety behaviour and launched their new guidance for practitioners at a sell-out conference in London on Thursday 10 March.

During the past ten years route safety intervention has emerged as one of the key developments in delivering road casualty reduction. However, there has been wide variation in development, experience and evaluation of route safety management schemes.

This latest research was commissioned by ADEPT in 2010 to identify reliable and consistent measurement of behaviours that will improve practitioners’ understanding of how drivers and riders respond to the road environment, as well as provide a means of assessing the degree of success of route safety intervention measures.

The new guidance explains why behaviours should be monitored, shows which behaviours are relevant to route safety risk and how they can be measured. The guidance features case studies of best practice and how to design interventions so that success can be defined and evidence gathered. The guidance document is backed by a full report available on the ADEPT website and through CIHT.

Rob Salmon, ADEPT Project Manager said:

“As the pressure on funding for highways and transport services has increased it has become more important to understand the impact of safety interventions and how best to invest limited resources. A key message from the workshop development stage of this research project was the need to encourage more evidence based investment by closing the knowledge gap between researchers and practitioners. This project should help practitioners by using research knowledge to focus on what makes route safety schemes successful, and to support the case for future investment.”

Further details and copies of the final research report ‘Using Behavioural Measures to Evaluate Route Safety Schemes: Guidance for Practitioners’ is available from the ADEPT website here (please note this link will be live on 10 March

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