CIOB: Construction’s elite set for meaningful conversations over coffee

Back in Victorian London, Britain’s most elite and forward-thinking master builders would meet in coffee houses to exchange ideas and shape the future of industry and society.
More than 175 years on and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), in partnership with Costa Coffee, is recreating that experience for today’s leading construction players. The first wave of talks will include topics such as the Carbon Agenda, Marks & Spencer’s Plan A, Leonardo da Vinci, the Global Economy and Artificial Intelligence.
Paula Annels, Head of Policy & External Relations at the CIOB said, “Our ambition is to stimulate new ideas and challenge the industry through a series of unique Meaningful Conversations. This isn’t an event where you are talked to; it’s one where we welcome active participation. The CIOB doesn’t represent one specialism; our members come from the full range of skills that the built environment has to offer. That diversity is an ideal platform for debate.
“But our conversations have a twist. We will not just be covering topics that are practical for the industry but also those theoretical and esoteric subjects that we hope will spark new ideas and fresh thinking. Our members, and invited guests, will have the opportunity to meet, hear from, and engage with some of the leading lights of government, science, business, industry and the art world. We are excited to see what happens.”
The first wave of conversationalists includes Sir David King who will be talking about the carbon agenda and what it means for the industry. Professor Aaron Sloman from the University of Birmingham whose expertise lies in Artificial Intelligence will be discussing what makes humans creative. Dr J V Field from Birkbeck College who is also President of the Leonardo da Vinci Society will debate the relationship between science and art. Other speakers include Wayne Hemmingway designer and chairman at Building For Life, Clare Short the former Labour Cabinet Minister and Beulah Keane from Marks & Spencer’s Plan A.
Meaningful Conversations is a free event for invited CIOB members and guests taking place at Costa Coffee, Cheapside, London. If you are interested in attending please contact Further information is available by contacting Saul Townsend CIOB Press and Communications Manager on t: 01344 630 766 or e:

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