CIOB: Three papers to lead them all

Three important papers on leadership in construction from across the globe have been published in a special issue of Construction Industry Quarterly (CIQ) – the Chartered Institute of Building’s (CIOB) academic publication for industry research.

Research from the School of the Built Environment at Northumbria University contained results from interviews with some of the most eminent men and women in UK construction. The research concludes that you become a leader rather than just believing you are one. The findings also contain enlightening insights into today’s leaders.

From the United States a study presented results from research into emotional intelligence. The research found that people-based relational skills are a vital facet of leadership; especially for the next generation to meet the challenges facing the industry.

The National University of Singapore considered leadership against the background of another current issue- sustainable development. They found that authentic leaders in construction fully recognise their responsibility for ethical leadership in sustainable development in relation to their own profession.

Caroline Collier CIQ editor commented, “Construction management research is growing in diversity and sophistication all the time, and the CIOB’s CIQ publication aims to create a bridge between academia and practice to improve overall performance.

“Involvement, communication and sharing ideas and information between the communities which make up our complex and fascinating industry is an excellent way of engaging in your own development as a leader. Every member of the CIOB is an important part of an exclusive body dedicated to delivering excellence in leadership and management to construction.”

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