NARPO: Commenting on the death of Chief Constable Mike Todd

NARPO recognise the pressures that apply to all police officers arising from their role in society. Those pressures are bound to increase if you have become as public a figure as Mike Todd.

Chief Constable Mike Todd was a true leader, using his personal public presence to enhance the reputation of the police service he loved to be part of and lately of Greater Manchester Police in particular. He has shown throughout his service that he was a strong supporter of the operational police office and had not lost contact with his roots in the service. He believed in those old fashioned policing ideals of protecting the weak in society and targeting real criminals. We are sure that he will be missed by his family and his many friends and colleagues inside and outside the service. There is no doubt that the service has lost someone who has made a very significant contribution to policing.

NARPO understand that the circumstance of his death are bound to attract public interest but hope that the media and others can act in a responsible way, recognising the service he has provided to the community during his life and allowing family and close friends space to grieve for their untimely loss.

NARPO President David Anderton said, ‘This is a difficult and sad time for those who were close to Michal Todd and our thoughts go out to his family. We hope people will respect their need for privacy. We recognise the achievements of Chief Constable Mike Todd and hope that in the speculation surrounding his untimely death those achievements and his commitment to policing continue to be recognised by all.’