NARPO commenting on the governments proposals to reduce violent crime

NARPO welcome any measures that will reduce violent crime and change the attitude of those young people today who see a weapon as an essential accessory. We do however wonder if the Government is hoping for a magic solution to sweep away this serious problem with the wave of a wand.

NARPO agree that modern technology, including metal detecting arches and wands, can help the fight against crime but these crime prevention measures will only be successful if there are sufficient police officers available on the streets to implement them and if those caught in possession of weapons or using them to inflict injury receive tougher sentences to deter others from following in their footsteps.

David Anderton the President of NARPO said, ‘This Government initiative will not solve the long term problems that many communities have with violent crime unless it is accompanied by a release of Police Officers from the constraints of paperwork and national targets allowing them to use local knowledge and their professional judgement to tackle the issues that blight the lives of local people.’