Fair compensation campaign

Fair compensation campaign

We explain why legal reform is needed urgently to stop spiralling increases in compensation claims. For more information visit http://themdu.com/faircomp or Twitter using #FairComp

Every year medical compensation levels are rising.

Medical claims inflation is running at 8% a year, meaning the size of claims is doubling every nine years.

This is not a reflection of clinical care standards. It is the result mainly of economic pressure and an outdated legal system meaning compensation must be calculated on the basis of private rather than NHS care.

A change to the way compensation amounts are calculated has driven up costs dramatically. This means the NHS will pay out larger amounts making an estimated £37 million the highest single award to date. Estimates published in 2019 put the total cost of outstanding NHS compensation claims at over £83 billion.

NHS money which should go straight to patient care will have to fund compensation awards instead.

This is why the Medical Defence Union, the UK's leading medical defence organisation is campaigning for legal reforms.

Patients must be compensated but in a fairer more affordable way.

Join our campaign for fairer compensation.

Better for you. Better for patients.