Teacher stress and well-being

Teacher stress and well-being

Teacher wellbeing depends on many factors.

However, 93% of teachers feel they are not empowered.

Factors that disempower teachers include:

Constant change: 80%

Blame culture: 71%

Lack of respect: 65% 

Unrealistic expectations: 62% 

Lack of understanding: 60% 

Worse, 64% feel their wellbeing is not seen as important.

57% are not satisfied with their job.

83% have experienced more workplace stress, over the last 12 months.

And 85% believe the job has impacted negatively on their wellbeing, while 60% believe the job has adversely affected their mental health.

In the last year, overwhelming numbers of teachers have experienced:

Anxiousness: 80%

Loss of sleep: 84%

Low energy levels: 71%

Irritability/mood swings: 61%

Impact on physical health: 55%

Overall, 60% of teachers feel their job satisfaction has declined.

77% have seriously considered leaving their current job.

While 71% have considered leaving the profession altogether.

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