A Deposit Return System in the UK – how would it work?


A Deposit Return System in the UK – how would it work?

We’ve got a great solution to a big problem.

We’ve all seen littered bottles and cans.

Large and brightly coloured, they’re a real eyesore.

Plus they’re really valuable, so we shouldn’t be wasting them.

It’s crazy we’re not making sure every bottle and can is recycled.

How can we do that?

Our solution is a Deposit Return System – the money-back system that reduces litter and boosts recycling.

The idea is simple: when you buy a drink you pay a small deposit of around 10p.

Then, when you take the empty bottle or can to a shop to be recycled, you get your deposit back. As long as you return them, it doesn’t cost you any money.

And the scheme reduces waste – just like the carrier bag charge has done.

The success of Deposit Return Systems has been proven. In the 38 countries around the world that already use this scheme, return rates are as high as 95 per cent.

So let’s make England the next success story.

Imagine the difference that such a huge reduction in litter would have on our countryside, cities, and coasts.

There are so many benefits.

A Deposit Return System saves local councils money.

A Deposit Return System creates jobs in the recycling industry.

A Deposit Return System makes sure valuable materials are reused, not wasted.

And a Deposit Return System pays for itself – there’s no cost at all to taxpayers.

It’s amazing what 10p can do.