Delivering diversity




Delivering diversity

Only six per cent of management jobs in the UK are held by individuals from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups.

Yet new research shows that just 54 per cent of FTSE100 leaders are actively championing greater diversity.

And just 21 per cent of top British companies are either unable or unwilling to publicise the ethnic makeup of their management.

Full representation of minorities across the labour market would be worth £24bn per year to the UK economy.

It’s time for change.

CMI and BAM are calling on British businesses to…

Break their silence on under-representation.

Apply the lessons learnt from the campaign for gender diversity

Measure BAME diversity at every level of the company

Champion a more varied group of role models

And use mentoring and sponsorship to promote diversity.

Leaders have to build inclusive cultures that tackle stereotypical images of managers and leaders.

Benchmark performance against others in their sector

And collaborate on ways to accelerate change.

It’s time to start delivering on diversity, visit