Offshore Wind – Delivering For Britain

Offshore Wind – Delivering For Britain

Offshore wind is a British success story. This short video from Renewable UK was released as part of Offshore Wind Week 2016.


The UK is the largest market in the world for offshore wind. Our leadership has secured investment in new UK factories from global manufacturers and a growing domestic supply chain of companies large and small.

Offshore wind supports high quality UK jobs in manufacturing, project development and construction, as well as in long-term operations and maintenance.

Offshore wind is keeping the lights on.

Offshore wind already generates 5 per cent of the UK’s electricity. By 2021, this will double to over 10 per cent.

Building the 21 projects that are planned or under-construction in the UK would mean that offshore wind could supply over a third of our power needs.

Offshore wind is cutting costs.

Innovation and competition in offshore wind has brought the level of subsidy down by nearly 40 per cent. The cost of supporting new offshore wind farms will fall by at least 30 per cent in the next five years.

This means offshore wind will be one of the lowest cost sources of new power in the 2020s.

Offshore wind is delivering for Britain

Since 2010, over £9.5 billion has been invested in offshore wind. Another £18 billion will be invested in projects by 2021, making offshore wind the sixth biggest infrastructure programme in the UK.

And we’re sharing our expertise with the rest of the world – UK firms have won contracts on over 50 offshore wind projects across the globe.

Offshore wind is building an industry.

Keeping the lights on.

Cutting costs.

Delivering for Britain.