Improving customer service

Improving customer service

This animation, from the Institute of Customer Service, explains how ICS supports it’s members in improving their customer service offering.


The single most important factor in the well-being and growth of your organisation is the strength of your customer relationships.

Organisations with above average customer satisfaction are much more likely to experience sales growth, while those that are below average experience the opposite. Why? Because where satisfaction is high, trust, loyalty, recommendation and reputation all increase.

In short, customer service matters.

That’s why, at the Institute of Customer Service, we strive to ensure our membership offering reflects what organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors tell us that they need.

Our aim is to provide you with a strategic framework, insight and practical tools which, combined, enable you to improve your customers’ experience.

Like every good customer focused business, we understand the importance of the customer journey.

Through our Discovery Roadmap we will work with you to shape yours.

We recognise that one-size does not fit all. We work with you to build your strategy, then recommend a blend of knowledge, tools, training and practical skills to raise your customer service performance levels.

All this is supplemented by access to the UK Customer Satisfaction Index, breakthrough research on customer service topics and  benchmarking  surveys.

If you’re part of a customer-focused organisation with a well-developed service strategy we will work with you at a deeper level to tackle the unique challenges you face.

We recognise that the external environment is constantly evolving as a consequence of disruptive competitors, industry and reputational issues and it can be challenging to maintain consistent customer service standards across a complex structure.

This is where our Trusted Advisory Network Membership offering comes into its own.

We will work with you to ensure customer service plays an integral part in achieving strategic priorities and goals emanating from the boardroom.

It offers great opportunities for peer-to-peer networking across sectors, service strategy development and business benchmarking.

Our aim is to build a deep collaborative relationship.  That’s why you will have access to your own Customer Relationship Director.  Our commitment to you is personalised, support and advice, as it is through true partnership that you will be able to deliver customer service excellence.