Customer satisfaction increases in the UK

Customer satisfaction increases in the UK

The July 2016 results of the UKCSI, a bi-annual survey by the Institute of Customer Service, shows that customer satisfaction has increased across many sectors.


Customer satisfaction is a critical indicator for both current and future business success.

If it increases, repeat purchase and reputation increase.  If it falls, the likelihood is that market share and performance will follow.

So it is encouraging that the UK Customer Satisfaction Index – the measure of customer satisfaction in the UK – reveals a 1.2 point increase compared with a year ago.

That’s the largest increase seen over a 12-month period since 2011.

The bi-annual survey by the Institute of Customer Service, which examines 13 sectors of the economy, continues to show that food retail, non-food retail and tourism are the top three performing sectors.

Customer satisfaction has increased across most sectors. The exception is Banks and Building Societies, which has remained constant.

Customers in Northern Ireland are now the most satisfied in the UK.  They have overtaken their counterparts in Wales – the only part of the UK to see satisfaction fall since July 2015.

The data continues to show that only those organisations securing the highest levels of customer satisfaction – expressed as a nine or ten out of ten – reap the rewards expressed through loyalty, recommendation and trust.

Whether or not a customer’s contact with an organisation was “right first time” has a significant impact on their satisfaction.

Those experiencing customer service that is “right first time” have a UKCSI score of 82.7, which tumbles to 59 for those that don’t.

However, organisations can improve satisfaction by improving their speed of response, handling complaints better and improving the skills and competence of their people.

When it comes to methods of interaction, over the phone has seen the largest increase compared with a year ago – up by 1.7 points. However, customers are most satisfied when interacting with organisations in person, online or via an app.

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