Honey bees – vital to our food chain

Planting for Honey Bees Animation from BBKA on Vimeo.

Honey bees – vital to our food chain

This animation from The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) explains how the vital honey bee population can be supported through planting choices.


Honey bees are vital to our food chain and support many plant and flower species through pollination. And honey is just one of the products they produce that we make use of.

But honey bees need our help.

Unlike other types of bee, honey bees do not hibernate in winter. They forage all year round, working to ensure they have enough honey for the colony to survive through the coldest months.

And with 25000 bees in a colony, that’s a lot of honey!

By planting specifically for honey bees you can help them thrive throughout the year.

Each season, there are many planting options to support the honey bee from flowering trees to perennials, bulbs and climbers.

The sheer variety of planting options also means that you can help the honey bee from the smallest of plots.

You don’t have to be a beekeeper to keep bees.

To get involved, visit http://www.friendsofthehoneybee.com