Create a business that’s welcoming to everyone

Create a business that’s welcoming to everyone

CIHT sets out the benefits of employing a more diverse workforce in a new animated video.


CIHT is taking action to tackle the skills challenge facing the highways and transportation industry. Attracting, recruiting and retaining staff from diverse backgrounds is one way businesses can respond.

Our research shows that more than ninety percent of management roles are made up of white men. Ethnic minorities make up less than ten percent of the work force and fewer than one in ten board members are female.

CIHT’s diversity and inclusion tool kit helps you to make small, practical changes to increase diversity and improve your business.

From implementing diverse shortlists when recruiting to creating support networks in your organisation, CIHT’s toolkit can help you create a business that’s welcoming to everyone, and keep the highways and transportation industry moving forwards.

Why change?

People with a range of backgrounds and experiences help create:

a wider talent pool
more creativity and innovation
better financial performance
increased employee engagement
and a better corporate reputation

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