Britain is a great trading nation

Britain is a great trading nation

Britain is on the cusp of a new industrial age. The pace of technological evolution is quickening – manufacturers must be more innovative than ever.

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Britain is a GREAT trading nation

Our innovation and ingenuity – from Sir Walter Raleigh, to the great Victorian engineers who pioneered the railways, to brilliance that led to the jet engine and the world wide web- are world leading.

Our people and our influence have set the pace around the globe in science, commerce, and the arts for centuries

And now, we are on the cusp of a new industrial age.

An age where digital technology, big data, the internet of things, all open up possibilities for a new era for industry.

The pace of technological evolution is quickening.

It is time to capture the spirit of the age.

To succeed manufacturers must be flexible, innovative and more forward-thinking than ever before.

Our employees must be the most highly-skilled in the world.
Our centres of scientific expertise must continue to forge close links between industry and academia.
And our infrastructure must be world class, from rail, to air, to our roads, and our digital networks.

With these foundations in place manufacturers can scour the globe to uncover new opportunities.

And Britain can lead the way, improving productivity.

Government must stand alongside us, and work in partnership with us, to create the best environment for growth, by cutting the cost of doing business and putting the building blocks in place to support our manufacturing industries.

And the economic powerhouse that is the United Kingdom, must continue to lead in Europe, reforming, and building a stronger economy for the future.

Manufacturing – the beating heart of Britain.

EEF – 120 years supporting manufacturing and engineering.