What we achieved in 2015 – ABI

What we achieved in 2015 – ABI

ABI have led the way through radical reforms to savings and retirement, modernised the civil justice system, campaigned for solutions fit for our future and much more.


Leading the way through radical reforms to savings and retirement
Insight into the Freedom and Choice reforms
Action Plan to Government to address advice issues
Work on standardising pension product language

Modernising the civil justice system
Welcomed the Government review of claims management company regulation
Delivering MedCo to bring rigour to personal injury claims
Securing mandatory lawyers checks of a claimant’s personal injury claims history

Supporting commercial lines businesses
Progress on fixed fees for costs of noise-induced hearing loss claims
Support for fair compensation for mesothelioma sufferers
Expansion of the Insurance Fraud Bureau’s scope to commercial liability

Campaigning for solutions fit for our future
Our Flood Free Homes campaign
Forward thinking policy for data and cyber
Engaging Government to support the role of income protection
Delivery of Flood Re, a world first solution for affordable flood cover

Fighting fraud
Partnering with Government on the Insurance Fraud Taskforce
Renewing the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department
Securing new insurer access to the DVLA registered owners database

Influencing sensible regulation
On Solvency II, we:
Secured changes to secondary legislation
Clarified treatment of deferred tax
Negotiated a favourable calibration of the EIOPA’s fundamental spread

Supporting insurance businesses
Pushing for sensible development of global capital standards
Securing better targeted tax legislation
Managing the impact of international financial reporting standards.

Industry data shows the difference insurers make
9.4 million paid everyday over life, income protection and critical illness insurance in 2014
Over £1bn in claims paid to households and business affected by the winter 2013/14 floods and storms
And tracking of motor and household premiums

We continued our work behind the scenes – at Westminster and in Europe
And centre-stage – with popular industry events, regular communication with members and by remaining prominent in the press

In the words of our Director General, Huw Evans:
‘No trade association has the right to exist, we continue to modernise to reflect members needs, be forward looking and focus on customers as we represent the insurance and long-term savings industry.’

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