Roadmap for London – ICE London

Roadmap for London – ICE London

ICE London sets out the infrastructure requirements needed for London to remain one of the most successful cities in the world.


London is one of the most vibrant and successful cities in the world.

Population growth, climate change and limited space mean that decisions taken over the next four years will determine the shape and success of the city far into the future.

That is the challenge faced by the next Mayor and London Assembly.

As the voice of infrastructure, the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) London has set out a roadmap to ensure that London can face these challenges head on.

Our ten recommendations encourage the next London Government to think strategically about infrastructure and equip the city with the investment, resilience and skills needed to remain one of the greatest cities in the world.

At the strategic level, we must:

  • Commit to the London Infrastructure Plan 2050 and set out a clear prioritisation strategy within 6 months of entering City Hall.
  • Support the Government’s final decision on the 2015 Airports Commission Report.
  • And, create a Regional Forum for authorities from London and the South East to discuss key infrastructure issues.

To safeguard resilience, we must:

  • Develop a “London Resilience Plan 2050” mapping out how the capital will adapt to long term climate changes and environmental disasters.
  • Improve energy efficiency and increase local energy generation.

To secure skills, we must:

  • Expand STEM in the London Curriculum and the London Schools Excellence Fund.
  • And, launch a skills campaign to increase the number of qualified civil engineers in London.

To ensure delivery, we must:

  • Focus Transport for London’s investment to unlock areas for housing, jobs and investment in the Capital.
  • Harness different funding and finance methods to pay for London’s infrastructure
  • And, review Road User Charges with the revenue generated directed to infrastructure improvements

We look forward to working with the new Mayor and London Assembly to ensure our vision of a successful, modern and sustainable city is achieved.

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