How we keep the world moving

CIHT – keeping the world moving

CIHT members plan, design, build, operate and maintain best-in-class transport systems and infrastructure. The Institution supports its members’ professional aspirations by providing routes to professional qualifications, networking opportunities and professional development events. CIHT also works to promote the importance of the transportation industry to government and society.


Airports, railways, roads and ports keep the world moving and CIHT members plan, design, build, operate, and maintain world leading transport systems and infrastructures.

A professional institution with an active community in over 85 countries, CIHT supports all of its members to accelerate their professional career and help keep the transport industry moving forwards.

Members instantly gain industry recognition, allowing them to climb the career ladder and gain professional qualifications.

CIHT members can network, share ideas and best practice, and access local support and events.

We have a structured programme of seminars and workshops, to support continuous professional development and we represent the voice of our members and work closely with government to offer independent comment and recommendations.

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