Today’s science, tomorrow’s medicines

Today's science, tomorrow's medicines: pharmacology & the British Pharmacological Society

Whether it’s a glance at your bathroom cabinet or a trip to the dentist, pharmacology is all around us! This animation from the British Pharmacological Society provides an introduction to the science of pharmacology and the charity's activities as a global community at the heart of pharmacology.


Whether it’s a glance at your bathroom cabinet or a trip to the dentist pharmacology is all around us. 

It’s the science that explains how medicines work and are processed by the body – crucial for discovering new medicines to help fight diseases such as cancer, depression and heart disease.

Or for helping to understand why some drugs can be harmful and are more likely to be abused by sportspeople or people with addictions.

Through this knowledge, pharmacology makes a unique contribution to today’s science and tomorrow’s medicine, providing vital answers at every stage of medicine discovery and development.

As new diseases emerge, and older medicines – most notably antibiotics – no longer work as well, that contribution to finding better and safer medicines becomes all the more vital.

This vibrant area of science, across universities, government agencies, the health service, and the pharmaceutical and biosciences industries, has already improved the lives of millions of people in the UK and across the world.

The mission of the British Pharmacological Society is to promote and advance the whole spectrum of pharmacology to bring about advances in science, medicine and healthcare to benefit everyone.

The British Pharmacological Society is diverse, friendly and collaborative. Connecting over 3,500 members from over 60 countries, it is a global community at the heart of pharmacology.

It helps advance pharmacology by providing a forum for the latest research to be presented and ensuring this research reaches a wider audience.

But its work doesn’t end there. In order to ensure the conditions are right for pharmacologists to continue to improve lives, the British Pharmacological Society engages with young people, their families and their teachers to explain the importance of pharmacology in the modern world. The Society also promotes the future of pharmacology by offering opportunities for continuing professional development, supporting educational and training initiatives and creating resources designed for the next generation of pharmacologists.

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