A sustainable public transport system

Go-Ahead Group's approach to a sustainable public transport network

A sustainable public transport network is vital to the economic development of the UK. Public transport makes a strong and positive contribution to the local and national economy, underpinning jobs, driving growth, connecting friends and family, and delivering cleaner and safer travel. More than a billion passenger journeys are made each year on Go-Ahead services, by people going to work, study, or visit friends and family.       

Our key areas of sustainability

We monitor and report our sustainability performance and progress through four areas which are aligned with our strategic priorities: society, customers, our people, and finance. We are building on our achievements in these areas to deliver better transport services now and in the years to come.


Good public transport connects communities
supports businesses
and strengthens the UK economy

Go-Ahead is one of the UK’s largest transport companies
with more than a billion journeys made on our buses and trains each year

Running our business sustainably is vital to our long term success for
Our People


We help society by running buses and trains in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible way

Together with industry partners we
ensure the safety and wellbeing of passengers and our people
improve energy efficiency and reduce costs

All making a positive impact on the communities we serve


We make it easy for people to get around
Making 1,000,000,000 public transport journeys every year
Which means
Roads are less congested
Air quality is improved

Our People

We’re a leading employer in our sector