Top 10 priorities for the new government in 90 seconds

ABI's top ten priorities for the Government in 90 seconds

The insurance and long term savings industry works hard to look after people, businesses and society, providing financial support in old age and times of trouble. The ABI looks forward to working with the new Government in tackling these issues. Our top 10 priorities for the next government in 90 seconds

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Video Script

1. Get Britain saving for retirement and tackle long term decisions with cross party support

2. Give people the information and products they need to make good retirement decisions

3. Change the rules… so providers can easily move savers into modern, good value pension schemes

4. Drive unnecessary cost out of insurance by reducing flood ris and making younger drivers safer on the road  

5. Crack down on the behaviour of claims management companies

6. Modernise the criminal justice system to get compensation to claimants rather than lawyers

7. Agree a robust global climate deal in Paris to keep temperature increases below 2C this century

8. Government must support innovation by insurers to meet customer demand in the digital world with flexible, personalised products

9. We should reform welfare rules So insurers play a larger part in helping people pay their bills and get back to work after illness or injury

10. We must help the UK insurance sector remain a major employer a world leader with proportionate regulation and competitive tax