Save £50 per month just by reading instructions

How households can save £50 per month just by reading a set of instructions

There's a reason politicians are in complete agreement about our campaign.

It's going to help the climate by reducing the amount of produce being flown millions of miles across the world – and then ending up in the bin.

It has the potential to save households an average of £50 a month – at a time when cost-of-living issues might just decide the next general election.

It will even sustain thousands of jobs across the UK, backing an industry present in every British parliamentary constituency.

If you're in politics, you'll be desperate to hear what this holy grail of policy could possibly be.

Well, wait no longer. The answer is food packaging.

Every year British households waste enough food to fill the Wembley Stadium seven times over. It's terrible for the environment. But it's not inevitable.

The real key to success is surprisingly simple: getting more people to read the instructions about where to store food.

Just by making that change, consumers can change their behaviour and help keep food Fresher For Longer.

Did you know, for example, that the best way to store apples is in the fridge, not with the bananas in the fruit bowl?

Far from being excessive and wasteful, packaging is helping reduce the impact of food on the environment.

Innovations in packaging, like Linpac's patented super-lightweight sealant technology or RPC's double-hinged lid for spices and herbs – are helping cut back waste.

It's part of the answer. No longer part of the problem.

That's why we've achieved cross-party consensus for our campaign. Now we want to take this political no-brainer and convert good words into good deeds.

We need more retailers working with local authorities to help consumers. We've tried it in Kent and it's worked a treat. So now it's time to get policymakers across the country involved.

You can get in touch with the campaign, take action in your area by talking to the local press and giving your constituents a nudge in the right direction.

Because Fresher For Longer is a win-win for politicians of every party. It helps the economy. It helps the planet. And it helps your constituents' purses too.

It's in everyone's interests to bin the throwaway society – now we just need to get on and do it.

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