Why back the campaign for a better managed Britain?


Why back the campaign for a better managed Britain?

In October 2013 the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Management launched the Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership with CMI.

It's purpose?

To answer three key questions:

  • How good are management and leadership in the UK today?
  • What are the skills that managers need in the future?
  • How can UK management be improved to deliver success by the year 2020?

The results

Download the report and find out more about the research, the answers to these questions and the importance of the three key areas of Purpose, People and Potential that form the cornerstone of the Management 2020 Framework and recommendations.

Take their Management 2020 Benchmarking Tool to see how your organisation compares to the national average in the areas of Purpose, People and Potential. It will provide a tailored read-out specifically for your organisation and then identify areas for improvement.



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