How leaders can deliver long term growth

How leaders can deliver long term growth

The story of our economic recovery will be acted out across the country over the next five years.

While things are looking up, we’re still a long way from where we want to be. But debate about the economy tends to overlook one critical factor.

If we’re serious about our long-term prosperity, we’ve got to improve our management and leadership.

Doing that will take a concerted effort from employers and government.

For employers it’s a story in three parts.


Part one: Purpose.

The backdrop to this tale is one of business and public service scandals and falling trust in bosses.

Too often, a myopic focus on short-term targets has skewed priorities.

Our story has to be one of redemption. Employers need a long-term vision beyond just making money

… to behave ethically and honour their commitments to customers and communities.


Part two: People.

21st century success is all about getting the best out of people.

The UK needs a million new managers by 2020. But not all first-timers get the training or mentoring they need.

We’ve got to make sure more managers learn to lead.


Part three: Potential.

The story comes full circle with a hunt for the next generation of leaders.

But too few employers do enough to recruit young people. Working more closely with schools, colleges and universities can help them reach the stars of the future.

While the onus is on employers, Government has to act too.

Making those emerging from our education system more employable…

… supporting exchange networks between employers, schools, colleges and universities…

… and encouraging more open reporting from businesses.


Every employer has to write their own story for success in the next five years and beyond.

Our Management 2020 benchmarking tool will help business see where their story begins – and where purpose, people and potential could take them.

Get that right and we can create a better managed Britain for the benefit of all: a real success story for the 21st century.



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