WATCH: Scotland’s currency union dilemma explained in 30 seconds

Confused by what'll happen to the pound if Scotland goes independent? Well, fret no longer.

Animation by Jessica Knights

Voice over by Alex Stevenson

Script by Ian Dunt


Scotland's currency dilemma in 30 seconds

Alex Salmond wants Scotland to become independent when it votes in September. But there's a problem.

The three Westminster parties say that if Scotland goes off on its own, it can't use the pound anymore.


Well, allowing Scotland to keep the pound – an arrangement known as 'currency union' – means British taxpayers would have bail it out if there was another financial crash. So Britain would keep Scotland's risks, but not get any benefits.

Salmond says forcing Scotland to use a new currency would cost British business millions. He thinks Westminster is shooting itself in the foot.

The big question now is which story Scottish voters believe.