IET Video: HS2: what are the facts?

HS2: What are the facts?

The IET's transport expert discusses the high-speed rail project

Depending on whom you ask, HS2 is a colossal waste of taxpayers’ cash, or a brilliant way to kick-start economic growth; an unnecessary half-measure to cut emissions or our best hope of the UK meeting our climate change targets. Few transport issues provoke quite such a strong response from the public.

But what do the experts say? The Institution of Engineering and Technology is the largest professional engineering organisation in Europe, and a leading source of impartial and independent engineering intelligence for all policy-makers. The IET’s transport expert Chris Richards discusses the engineering aspects of the project – sometimes overlooked in the heated exchange of opinion.

This video looks at the economic case, the engineering analysis, and the environmental arguments for High Speed 2, giving each one the IET’s fair-minded assessment.