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Jeremy Corbyn in House of Commons
Labour antisemitism report: “Nobody else is asked to justify what they feel as a minority group”

Labour Against Antisemitism says that Jewish Labour members’ experiences of anti-semitism were minimised. Fiona Sharpe said in an interview with that Jewish Labour members did not have faith in the party under former leader Jeremy Corbyn to deal with antisemitism. It comes after the Equality and Human Rights Commission released their report into antisemitism… Read more »

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Boris Johnson standing at the despatch box in the House of Commons in front of a group of MPs
What is the Northern Research Group?

55 Tory MPs have formed the Northern Research Group to pressure the government into providing greater support for the North of England. The group wrote a letter to the Prime Minister calling for greater support for the North of England and a roadmap out of lockdown restrictions. The group could cause trouble for the government… Read more »

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