use of mobile phones while driving

"The event was a roaring success"
10,000 children try taste of venison at educational shows

BASC has introduced venison to more than 10,000 children at food and farming days in Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire over the past month. The BASC Eastern team attended three events where they cooked venison tasters and gave talks about the health benefits of eating this delicious source of protein.

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MPs say speed cameras must not replace traffic police
MPs demand more traffic officers

Speed cameras cannot replace road traffic police in promoting safety and more officers must be put back on patrol, MPs have warned today. The Commons transport select committee says that although speed cameras are a cheap and effective way to slow motorists down, only “good old-fashioned policing” can tackle other safety issues such as drink-driving… Read more »

Government orders review of local speed limits
Councils ordered to review local speed limits

The speed limits on thousands of rural roads across England and Wales could be cut by up to 20 miles per hour under new guidance issued by the government. The Department of Transport (DfT) has called on all local authorities to review their local speed limits within the next five years to take into account… Read more »