Campaigners set out proposals for a better deal for low-income taxpayers
Academy of Medical Sciences

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Henry McLeish not stepping up for Labour
McLeish ‘out of Glenrothes running’

Former Scottish first minister Henry McLeish will not be standing as Labour’s candidate in Glenrothes, he has confirmed. Mr McLeish had been widely linked to the seat after sitting MP John MacDougall died last week. But he has now moved to quash further speculation by insisting that both he and Scottish political life have “moved… Read more »

John MacDougall recently died as Glenrothes' MP
Profile: Glenrothes

With a by-election on the way which could put the full stop to Gordon Brown’s stint as prime minister, all eyes will increasingly focus on the Fife constituency over the coming weeks. But what’s it actually like? Well, the first thing to note is that Glenrothes is not Glasgow East. Despite their vaguely similar levels… Read more »