Campaigners set out proposals for a better deal for low-income taxpayers
Academy of Medical Sciences

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Junior doctors now covered by European working time directive
The NHS’ working hours sore spot

Junior NHS doctors are beginning their first full working week under the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) – and many are not happy about it. By Alex Stevenson The directive limits workers to an average 48-hour working week and is currently being followed by all NHS staff except junior doctors. Their reliance on longer hours… Read more »

In England nearly a third of all men and a fifth of all women are regularly drinking more than the official guidelines say they should.
NHS struggling to tackle alcohol abuse

By Liz Stephens NHS services and strategies for dealing with alcohol abuse are “often ill coordinated”, according to an influential group of MPs. The public accounts committee, who have been examining the current performance of the NHS in addressing alcohol harm, found that many primary care trusts (PCTs) had not even drawn up strategies for… Read more »