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"The event was a roaring success"
10,000 children try taste of venison at educational shows

BASC has introduced venison to more than 10,000 children at food and farming days in Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire over the past month. The BASC Eastern team attended three events where they cooked venison tasters and gave talks about the health benefits of eating this delicious source of protein.

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House of Lords committee calls for "radical reorientation" of fisheries
Lords calls for more decentralised fisheries policy

The House of Lords European Union committee has called for a “radical reorientation” of the way fisheries are managed in the EU. In a report published today, the committee calls for the current top-down “over-centralised” legislative policy to be changed to a system that provides a greater role for regional stakeholders. It goes on to… Read more »

Peter Mandelson moans about Nicolas Sarkozy
Mandelson complains over Sarkozy intervention

European Union trade commissioner Peter Mandelson has complained French president Nicolas Sarkozy has “undermined” him. Former minister Mr Mandelson’s comments on BBC2’s Newsnight programme came after Mr Sarkozy criticised the stance being put forward by the European Union on agricultural policy. “I am being undermined and Europe’s negotiating position in the world trade talks is… Read more »