Campaigners set out proposals for a better deal for low-income taxpayers
Academy of Medical Sciences

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The report found government claims to be overstated
Govt claims of youth justice success “overstated”

Government claims of the success of youth justice reforms are overstated, while the reforms themselves have had “no measurable impact” on the levels of self-reported youth offending, a new report claims. The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies today published its independent audit into Labour’s reforms. The report claims that despite substantial investment in restructuring… Read more »

The Home Office is considering a new database to track people's phone calls
Govt considering telephone call database

The government is considering a proposal which would see the creation of a new national database recording phone calls and text messages, it has been confirmed. A Home Office spokesperson told the “very draft proposal” was being considered as a precursor to the data communications bill announced in last week’s draft Queen’s Speech. The… Read more »