Louise Haigh


Louise Haigh was elected MP for Sheffield, Heeley on May 7th 2015 with 20269 votes, taking 48.2% of the vote.

Louise was the coordinator of the All Party Parliamentary Group on International Corporate Responsibility; in that role she set up campaigns in order to make big business more transparent and aware of the communities they are based in.

Louise’s family is composed by many members of the unions. Louise’s grandfather was an FBU official in Chesterfield, whereas her uncle was an NUM member who went on strike between 1984-1985. This background, alongside with growing up in a single parent family, shaped her beliefs and convictions.

Constituency: Sheffield, Heeley

Constituency Address: 623 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, S8 0RX

Constituency Tel: 0114 250 8113

Email: louise@louisehaigh.org.uk

Party: Labour

Personal Website: http://www.louisehaigh.org.uk

Twitter: @LouHaigh

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004251019354