Business (Wales)

The agenda is normally decided by the Welsh Assembly Government in the person of the Business Minister (on the advice of the Business Committee), who tables a weekly business motion. If ten AMs have indicated that they object to the motion, it is put to a vote. The Assembly Government can normally rely on its majority in the Assembly to approve its business, although on at least one occasion a drawn vote has been decided by the Presiding Officer's casting vote. On such occasions, the chair always votes for the status quo.

The Presiding Officer can grant emergency debates in response to applications from individual AMs. Similarly, the chair may permit an urgent question to be asked of a Welsh Minister.

When the Assembly is sitting, it meets in plenary session on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The order of business is normally as follows:

Questions to Ministers
Statements or Urgent Questions
Government debates/Secondary legislation/Minority party debates/Committee business
Short debate